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We are taking brakes into the age of data.


Using data
to improve
the future of

There is a world of data available in cars today, yet almost nothing is gathered from brakes. GALT., an ITT startup, was born to change that. And this is what we do: digitalize brake pads to provide drivers with a whole new level of safety, performance, and awareness. Let’s get ready for a new kind of driving experience.

Galt Vision

Real-time alerts
for a safer performance

Galt Smart Pad

Brakes are designed to work optimally in specific temperature windows: too hot or too cold, and their effectiveness is reduced. An early-morning commute to work in winter, a return trip from the mountains with your family in the summertime, a fully-loaded delivery, or a day at the track: here is where brakes easily get too cold or too hot. GALT. Smart Pad lets the driver know when they are outside of this optimal temperature window, allowing them to improve their driving, control, and safety.



GALT. Smart Pad directly measures the temperature of the brake pad and estimates that of the rotor in real-time. Alerts are displayed on the dashboard when the status is not optimal.



Worn-out pads accelerate overheating and may compromise brake effectiveness, which is dangerous and expensive. GALT. Smart Pad constantly checks the level of residual pad life.

Sports cars

Sports cars

From the warm-up to the cool-down, keep brake temperature under control for effective and efficient usage. Give the amateurs what they need to understand better how to use their car and the PROs what they want to explore and be at their limit.

Electric cars

Electric cars

Ensure brakes are always in the best operating range, so they can help you right when you need them. Unlock a hustle-free ownership experience by letting the driver know exactly the health and residual life of their brake pads.

Light commercial cehicles

Light commercial vehicles

Optimize your downtime and reduce waste by knowing at any point in time the residual life of your brake pads. Let the drivers and the fleet operators know whether something is wrong with their brakes and reduce the risk of accident.


a safer future
for all vehicles

GALT. Smart Pad understand the needs of drivers for different vehicle types, from sports to electric ones, providing them with a safer, more aware driving experience.


Powerful sensor,
even more,

The heart of GALT. Smart Pad has an easy-to-integrate sensor that can adapt to any brake pad and caliper. The sensor works with a set of proprietary algorithms that expand the information delivered to the driver and the vehicle.

Galt Technology

No situation
is too hot
to handle

GALT. Smart Pad resists even when the disc reaches temperatures of 1,000° C – that is, the peaks seen in homologation tests adopted by most automotive manufacturers. This high tolerance also ensures reliable performance on a track day and every day.

Galt Future

for tomorrow

GALT. Smart Pad is a platform designed to evolve with vehicles in their journey towards autonomy. Our team is already working on integrating new sensors to provide tomorrow's vehicles with the "sense of touch". We cannot wait for the future to happen.

Galt Team
Our team

We are Galt.

Vision. Passion. Dedication. Failure. Adjustment. Repeat.
Add a couple of car-related jokes that no one understands, and you will have a pretty clear image of who we are.

Giorgio Dodero

Giorgio Dodero

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General Manager
at GALT.

Carlo Conta

Carlo Conta

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Sales and Business
Development at GALT.

Stefano Serra

Stefano Serra

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Research and
Development at GALT.